NV01B + NV11B Bundle Deal


This sleek and stylish looking door and metal gate digital lock bundle deal together offers 6 innovative ways of unlocking your gate and door. Fingerprint access, Bluetooth access, Password/PIN access, Card access, Remote Control access and Mechanical Keys access.

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4 different ways to unlock: Fingerprint access, Password/PIN access, Remote Control, Manual Emergency Unlock

Clear OLED display screen

Multi-level administrator setting available

Manual Emergency Unlock ensures operation in case of power failure

Reliable FPC fingerprint reader

Fits most metal gates

Wireless control system

Remote control range within 10 metres



Item Name:                       Novas Smart Digital Gate Lock – NV01B

Item No:                             NV01B

Ways To Unlock:               Fingerprint, PIN Code, Remote control, Manual Emergency Unlock

Fingerprint Reader:         FPC Fingerprint Reader

Identification Time:         <0.1sec

Material Made:                Stainless Steel & ABS Plastic

Colors Available:               Stylish Black

Application Places:          Residential, Apartment, Home, Office, Airbnb

Size & Weight:                  Main Lock- 150mm*80mm*30mm, 575g

Received Frequencies:  433.92MHZ

Working Temperature:  -20ºC-60ºC

Working Humidity:          5%-60%

Voltage:                              Main Lock- 3V (4x AA Batteries)

Fingerprint Keypad-        3V (4x AA Batteries)

Low Voltage Warning:    Below 4.8V

Battery Duration:             6 to 9 months depending on usage

Language:                          English & Chinese

Warranty:                           2 Years

Product Certificate:         CENo.: UNIA2018072321EC-01





NV11B is one of the latest and highest range of smart digital door locks from Novas. Our simple yet stylish design offers you 5 different ways to easily and securely lock and unlock your door. Our smart digital lock can also be used on both wooden and security doors, and fits all kinds of mortise.
The 5 innovative and convenient ways to unlock your door includes; Fingerprint access, Bluetooth access, Password/PIN access, Card access and Mechanical Keys access.


  1. 5 different ways to unlock; Fingerprint access, Bluetooth access, Password/PIN access, Card access, Mechanical Key access
  2. Bluetooth management system allows you to manage your lock using your mobile phone
  3. Able to manage a number of locks with one mobile phone
  4. Simple layout around the door handle allows for easy door access in various scenarios
  5. Multi-level administrator setting available
  6. “Door unlock” records accessible for added security
  7. Multi-level administrator setting available
  8. Emergency power supply ensures operation in case of power failure
  9. Reliable FPC fingerprint reader
  10. Fits most wooden and metal doors


Product Specifications

Item Name: Novas Smart Digital Door Lock – NV11B
Item No: NV11B
Ways To Unlock: Bluetooth, Fingerprint, PIN Code, Card, Mechanical Key
Fingerprint Reader: FPC Fingerprint Reader
Identification Time: <0.1sec
Material Made: Zinc Alloy
Colors Available: Stylish Black
Application Places: Residential, Apartment, Home, Office, Airbnb
Size: 335mm*70mm*19mm
Door Thickness: 30mm-75mm
Working Temperature:
Working Humidity: 10%-95%
Voltage: 6V (8x AAA Batteries)
Low Voltage Warning: Below 4.8V
Battery Duration: 6 to 9 months depending on usage
Data Capacity: Unlimited
Language: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, Malay and more
Warranty: 2 Years
Product Certificate: CE:No. CTB181212002E-ZS
ROHS:No. CTB181211003C-ZS



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