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FTG Marketing (S.E.A) Pte Ltd is the parent company of Novas Singapore. We are established in Singapore since 2007. We started as a sole distributor of the world’s first portable fridge which does not requires any external power source to run. Subsequently, we also started to distribute premium air purifiers.

Our passion further drove us into exploring and developing our own brand of air purifiers, and other lifestyle related products that would help to improve our day to day living; initiating the birth of Novas.

Our air purifiers come with a 7-stage filtration process using True HEPA filters. It also comes with either a 2 years or Lifetime Warranty option to give you the peace of mind.

We didn’t stop at there and we went on to introduce our own range of smart digital door and gate locks under Novas umbrella.

Our range of smart digital door and gate locks are of stylish and exquisite designs with the latest technology-built in with APP and WIFI control features. We are proud to deliver our high-end technology smart digital locks at very affordable prices with the aim of making them a must for every home.

It’s an honest proposition from a Company that believes it has a game-changing technology that you should experience for yourself.

Our mission is to develop and offer lifestyle products and appliances at a revolutionary price.

Our vision is not about being the biggest, but being the BEST; the best product developers, the best service providers.

We are driven by a commitment to do what is right for our business, our customers and our planet, now and for generations to come.

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